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Winner’s Circle | May 2022

Winner’s Circle | May 2022


ASAP Quiz | April 2022

 Tamilyn Kwong | Bay Club Pleasanton

April’s Winner will receive a Bay Club Wine & Cheese Basket !*

D&I Education Series | Q1 Empathy

Adrian Lopez | Bay Club Pleasanton

Anne Carter | Bay Club Courtside

Corinne Forkenbrock | Bay Club Santa Monica

Lorenzo Agnese | Bay Club SF

Maia Lambson | Bay Club Carmel Valley

Sage Crawford | Bay Club Portland

Q1 Winners will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card!*


*Prizes will be sent to your home Club.


Amazon Gift Card Winners | April 2022*

Hailey Lord | Customer Service Specialist, Corporate
Carlos Romero, Banquet Captain, Bay Club Walnut Creek
Jessica Frianela | Membership Director, Bay Club SF
*Your gift cards will be sent to you at your home Club.

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