Ways to Win |

Winner’s Circle | August 2022

Winner’s Circle | August 2022

D&I Education Series | Q2 Allyship

Beverly Bachoo | Bay Club Courtside

Josh Lyon| Corporate

Rosie Leithoff | Bay Club Fairbanks Ranch

Elle Horst | Bay Club Redwood Shores

Q2 Winners will receive a $100 Gas Gift Card!*


ASAP Quiz | July 2022

Manny Munoz | Bay Club Redwood Shores

Winner will received a Bay Club Beach Towel!*


*Prize will be sent to your home Club.


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  • Teresa Pavlakis  |  September 9, 2022 at 8:05 pm

    At times, I would purchase and provide PPE for myself and other associates in my area as often it was not made available to us. I’m glad it sounds like now they will.

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