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Try These Tasty (and Healthy) S’more Recipes

Try These Tasty (and Healthy) S’more Recipes


Summer is officially here!  And what is one of our favorite summer treats? S’MORES!

Always a crowd pleaser, S’mores have a way of bringing people together. Sharing stories under the stars while sitting around the campfire or enjoying a moonlit night with friends and family at one of our Bay Club fire pits, s’mores are an essential ingredient to a perfect summer night.  And who knew they could also be healthy!  Yes, it’s true. We have three delicious and healthy recipes to share, from oat-filled apples, to toasted bananas, to s’more inspired cones.  These recipes will turn a late summer night into a great summer night.

To get the recipes go to the One Lombard blog and make sure you have extra ingredients on hand! These are so good (and healthy) that you may need to eat more than one!

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