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Mentorship Program Update

Mentorship Program Update


And that’s a wrap! Our first session of our Mentorship Program concluded in August. Partners completed up to 12 mentoring sessions with their Lead Partner. Partners created SMART goals at the start of the program and were responsible for driving the agenda and navigating their learning each week to achieve their goals. With guidance from their Lead Partner, Partners worked on Bay Club business strategies, operational structure, career development, organization and time management, communication skills and more!

We’d like to thank our Lead Partners (Ayyub Hansia,  Jennifer Beaton, Morell Marean, Robyn Van DerLuit, Sarah Busa, Simone Leube, Todd Kramer) for their time and dedication in providing a great program experience for their Partners (Caitlyn Coon, Christian Hill Smith, Tonya Bonesio-Barna, Ryan Vanderbur, Ann Glaser, Lauren Clay, Nicole Rodman, Cristina Gonzalez). A professional partnership was created during the program and one that we hope will last through the months and years to come!

Here’s just some of what our Partners have to say about their experience:

Lauren Clay (Partner): I had a great time with the program. I think it helped me more than I could have realized. I was able to learn more about the business, understand new ideas and perspectives, and work toward business goals with the help of my lead partner!

Nicole Rodman (Partner): The program exposed to me to great leaders within The Bay Club creating allies and outlets for me to lean on as I grow my career. I was able to hold myself accountable for digging deep into the business and asking any and every question.


More information about our next Mentorship Program Series to be announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the program or want to share your interest, please contact

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